A powerful spoken word poem about making it. It is a must watch. 

An amazing performance and story about overcoming! A must watch!

"Pep Talk from a Kid President"

Need a little inspiration? Well you have come to the right place!

Click on the videos, read the quotes, and take some time to get inspired.

Kid President's Letter to A Peron on Their First Day Here

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teacher's and Students

"To This Day" Spoken Word Poem by Shane Koyczan

"20 Things We Should Say More Often" by the Kid President

Being Unrealistic, and Changing the World with Will Smith.

Kid President's Message to the Heroes, because we are all Heroes.

HAve a Great day from all of us here at s. a. b. b. Inc. and remember you can be the change... It only takes one.

"Here's to the Crazy One's" by Steve Jobs