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It only takes one to make a difference, to start a movement, and to change the world. Are you going to be that ONE?

By embarking on this campaign I have learned that although problems may seem monumental at times, if you really work at it, anything is possible, and one really can make a difference in this world. This journey has changed my life in a way that I never could have imagined. I have learned so much about myself and those around me, and I have found what I love to do. I live and breathe anti-bullying, and I would not change that for the world. The best part about all of this – I am no different than anyone else. Like Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” So come on – Join us – Let’s change the world! A Bully Free Nation could be possible, but we need YOUR help!

Throughout the six years I have done over 145 presentations to schools, with/for national organizations and corporations, for students and adults alike. We do not have an exact number of people that S.A.B.B. has been able to impact, but based on the amount of outreach we have done we estimate that S.A.B.B. Inc. has impacted upwards of 27,000 people, and our estimate reach through television shows, magazine spreads, and social media is just under 15 million; this number will continue to grow with time.

Over the past six years I have poured of statistics, read stories and articles anything I could to possibly give me more insight on bullying. I have felt how much it hurts personally, and I saw what it could drive students, children, to do: Bullycide. But, I wanted to know everything I could, and I am still learning more each and every day. I spent months compiling information and my ideas and then put them into documents and PowerPoint’s. I spent the next few weeks revising and adding more information, tweaking my plan. My hour long presentation brings people through the problem of bullying, shows faces of the students who did not make it through their bullying encounters, and then gives my solution, the solution that now works in schools and colleges across the state of New Jersey. S.A.B.B. Inc., consists of four phases; the first being ‘Student Involvement”, the second being ‘Spreading Awareness’, and the third stage being ‘Parent Involvement’, and the fourth and final being “Community Outreach”. Phase One, which I believe is the most important phase includes text lines, bi-monthly after school meetings, and a room open every morning for those who do not feel comfortable in the hallways. The text lines are a vital piece to this program because it is using what we as teenagers are comfortable with: technology. Phase Two consists of me going out and doing my S.A.B.B. presentations. I will go anywhere that will take me and have already done 130+ presentations, which I do free of charge. “Parent Involvement”, includes presentations that I do for the parents of all ages, to educate them in the ‘reality’ of bullying, including statistics, stories, and facts, as well talk to them about my program.

I created S.A.B.B. – Students Against Being Bullied Inc. after I was bullied for months in 7th grade by five older boys. Every day I walked into my school and faced verbal, physical, and mental torment, and it was absolutely terrifying. I was forced to change all of my classes to get away from the offenders. Looking back I realized how many resources I had at my disposal and how hard it was for me, even with all of these resources, to get through it. However, it was not until a friend of mine had confided in me that he was contemplating suicide due to bullying,to this day he credits me with saving his life. That is when I realized if I could save one by just being there, by giving them a hand to hold, or a shoulder to cry on, I could do it for a lot more - that is when S.A.B.B. Inc. was born.


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